Agen Allwedd – The Music Room 5th October 2022

New members trip
Dai MacDonald – author
Gareth Farr
Rhys Hunt
Will Jones

The rain had been hammering down all day, but was just beginning to lift as we arrived at whitewalls, but still it was not pleasant getting kitted up. The call-out was sent and we were off along the tramroad, just on the edge of the rain. The night rolled in quickly, and by the time we were at the entrance it was pitch black.
We got into the cave just after 1930, and after the logbook we made steady progress through the entrance series. Soon we were dropping down through the boulders and into the first choke. The first choke is not particularly tight, but it’s really hot going through it.
Once out of the choke, and into barons chamber, we stop for a quick drink, then start making our way along the huge 1km+ long main passage.
Curiosity always races as I walk through this passage and spot sink areas, blocked side routes, and small voids all along the passages sides. Every time I visit here the scale blows me away, and I think it was the same for Will and Rhys.
Eventually we made it to the music room, and had a quick sing to the music sheets.
On the way back we stopped at igloo passage, it is to impressive to pass up. On the way out we noticed a hanger above the passage entrance leading to a roof tube. Was it from the exploration days, or is there an active dig going on, we wondered. We stopped a few more times at some of the digs in main passage, just looking at some, and squeezing into others, but before long we were back at barons chamber, ready to tackle the choke again.
For most of the way out Will was leading, and done a great job, especially finding the choke entrance straight away.
Before we knew it, we were at the entrance gate again, and I squeezed past for the usual exit shots.
We got out just before 2230, so just under 3 and a half hours for this trip.
Both Will and Rhys said they enjoyed the trip, and are looking forward to getting out again.

YouTube video of the trip.