Ogof Draenen entrance series – Monday 10th Sept 2018

Huw Durban, Harry Durban, Tom Williams and Huw Jones

By Huw Jones

A quick trip to grab some photos of the Draenen entrance series, for use in the presentation to the Blaenavon Townswomens Guild, which was only a week away.

Tom And Harry posed in various wet locations and I took several snaps at each to make sure I got at least one decent photo, while Huw provided lighting. Luckily for them the stream was particularly low so they didn’t get too soaked.

Once that was done, we traversed along Darling Rifts and took a look around the chamber and passages at the head of Big Bang Pitch, an area which is little visited these days. There’s some nice passage here and some interesting fossils, the most impressive of which are parts of large fin spines from 300 million yeah old early sharks.

Thanks to the guys for helping with the photos and the ladies of Blaenavon said they really enjoyed mine and Barry’s presentation on the caves in the area and South Wales in general.