Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2, Sunday 10th January 2016 by Huw Jones

Andrew Zerbino, Michael Bergerac Young, Tom Williams, Vicky Blumel and Huw Jones

Photos – Huw Jones

Outside SWCCAfter a false start where there were no SWCC members around to sort us out with a key, we had a pleasant introductory trip into OFD 2. The passages and sights included Gnome, Salubrious, Trident, Judge, Swamp Creek, Selenite, Shatter Pillar, Cross Rift etc. Headed upto entrance with a group from Cambridge Uni and bumped into two different groups from Morgannwg CC, underground.

(2) Group in Gnome 2(5) Formations Vicky 2

Afterwards, we called into the Ancient Britton for a pint and to celebrate Vicky’s birthday with the cupcakes she brought along. One of the landlords (at least I think he was!) kindly lent us a candle! A short while later, we were joined by the Morgannwg lot.

BCC&MCC Ancient BritCupcakes

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