Eglwys Faen Kids Trip – 10th September 2022

Dai, Tynisha, and Dominic MacDonald

Today was a special day for me, the first time I took my kids caving, besides Dan Yr Ogof showcaves.
Before we got started I had to pick up the key for Aggy, for a trip tomorrow. I never seem to have enough time to talk to Brent when picking keys up, he’s got some fascinating stories!

Finally we were on our way to whitewalls, and on arrival we had some lunch. Bellies full and a nice chat with John, the Whitewalls warden, and we were on our way. After a few “are we there yet” we got to the main entrance. While reassuring both my kids that there were definitely no bears in the cave, we made our way in, and headed for the eastern series. We explored a nice amount of the eastern series before looking at all the other entrances. Once done there we decided to come out of the waterfall entrance, and then walk around to the main entrance on the surface. Once there I had to reset our call out, giving ourselves another two hours to explore the warren and eastern series. My son was not a fan of the cheese press, but loved climbing the ladder to get to the warren. Crawling through the warren took it’s toll on my kids knees, and before long we were heading back out of the warren to the ladder back down. It was a lot easier helping both down than I thought it would be. Back out on the surface and there was one question on my lips “so would you both like to try it again?” and both without hesitation snapped back “yeah!”, so hopefully we’ll have a lot more trips in the future.

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